Host, animator, DJ, clown or toastmaster !? In our company, everyone is a star! Order a professional from us and get a guarantee for the quality of any holiday. We have organized thousands of events in a completely different format! We work for the future, pay taxes, and quality and safety are always a priority! Do not hesitate, call and clarify!


Animators and holiday programs

negotiating the cost


Would you like to order animators for a holiday for your child?


The best animators of Kiev are presented to your attention. The range of animations is huge. With them, your child's holiday will be transformed beyond recognition, leaving only the best emotions and impressions from the work of the best animators in their field.

Animators are always ready to make your holiday bright and colorful, filling it with the most incredible adventures and impressions.

Each of them always knows his job and will always find how to arrange an unforgettable birthday, and the number of possible holiday programs can satisfy even the most fastidious parents. In our large list of possible animation programs and animators, you can find the most suitable one for your child, whether it is a party in the style of superheroes, minions or Disney princesses, we will help you choose a program for you that suits you to the fullest and will not let your children get bored not a second!


Host Alexander

from 6 000 UAH


Alexander is one of the most sought-after and, undoubtedly, charismatic presenters in Kiev.


Every year his track record is replenished with several major events, among which all-Ukrainian hackathons, tournaments and cups have already met more than once. Alexander participated in the dubbing of the characters of the New Year's show for the Kiev, Odessa and Minsk Dolphinariums "Nemo" in 2016-2017. He also made a presentation of the People of the World magazine. On his account are the All-Ukrainian hackathons "Hack for Good" and "Hack4SDGs". And even the Ukrainian Cheerleading Cup. At the all-Ukrainian tournament in Greco-Roman wrestling named after Kolchinsky, Alexander was also one of the main characters, as his appearance attracts the views of others.

Repeatedly hosted and organized student parties and events at Red Doors Bar, Disco Radio Hall, Indigo, Dream Island (Dream Town) and PartyBus Kiev.

If you decide to hold a holiday and are looking for an excellent host for your program, then Alexander will be happy to make your holiday unforgettable for everyone present.


Leading Karlov Sergiy

from 6 000 UAH


A modern, creative host with boundless energy who will make your holiday colorful, bright and unforgettable.


3 reasons my clients choose me:

  1. contests without costumes, disguises and acrobatic tricks
  2. sparkling jokes
  3. none of your guests is left without attention

Leading weddings, corporate events, graduations, anniversaries and other events of various formats. My advantages:

Ability to work with your dj

Price flexibility depending on the date, season, number of guests, etc.

I offer a team of professionals in the person of a photographer, videographer, florist


Leading Andrey

from 6 000 UAH


For a long time I worked as an animator and presenter at children's parties. Held 7 corporate events, 2 weddings, a store opening, 9 Misters of the KPI faculty, held a wedding festival 2016, leading on the KPI media platform.

I also opened and closed festivals, I work as a host of Partybus parties on an ongoing basis. I am cheerful and active, smiling and very positive, a distinctive quality - punctuality and quick wit! They say I'm kidding well!

Now I am filming in the student league of Laughter of the KPI, I played for the team "10 different", which reached the final. Now, with another Origami team, we are trying to conquer the second season!


Host Sergey Kapriora

from 6 000 UAH


MC Kapron- Сергей Каприора


Universal presenter. He began his career in the southern town of Kherson, from where he first conquered the entire south. And now, having moved to Kiev, he continues to delight the metropolitan public. His smile does not fade, his humor is always appropriate and decent, Sergey is very sociable, she immediately finds herself among the guests and becomes their faithful guide at the event.

additional information: The script is compiled together with the presenter at the meeting in the format of an event-constructor according to the customer's preferences, which makes each event individual

Worked in such clubs as: (resident) Sorry Babushka, Forsage Dance Club (Kiev) Bionica (Kiev) Free Ride bar NC Chocolate (Kherson) NC Milennium (Kherson) NC Rest (Kherson) NC Pyramid (Novaya Kakhovka) (Iron Port) - Beach Club: Mojito, Bambinos. Briz. Istanbul. Tsunami. NK Adrenalin (Pereyaslav Khmelnitsky) Student Club "Nine" (Nikolaev)


Only here you can find people who are considered the best presenters in Kiev. Any holiday, wedding, corporate party or event of any theme, our hosts will arrange just the way you want. Our presenters for a corporate party or a wedding will leave only the brightest impressions about your holiday for your guests and you. Each holiday is forgotten over time, but not the impressions of it. You will forever remember the holidays held by our best hosts of Kiev.

We love to spend holidays, and therefore we hold them only at the highest level, all our presenters have repeatedly proved their ability to hold events and corporate parties.

If you decide to arrange a bright and colorful holiday, then you will certainly face the question of choosing a good host who knows how to cheer and interest guests at any time. We will help you prepare your event at the highest level, taking all the trouble of preparing the program and technical implementation.

Do you want to organize the best holiday of your life? Feel free to order the presenters on the website limuzine.kiev.ua. And if you still have not decided on the venue, then we are happy to offer you our PartyBuses.


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