Want to dance and eat?

we   will organize a full-fledged buffet table anywhere and anytime

The company invites you to have fun, dance, sing and refresh yourself with the most delicious food and drinks!

Catering is not just takeout food. This is a whole art & nbsp; which includes table setting and beautiful decoration of dishes that will collect thousands of likes on your Instagram. We will select a menu for any request: children's, adult, vegetarian, black and white, in the style of Minions, with sesame seeds, but without pickles - any of your whims will be & nbsp; taken into account and & nbsp; we will organize & nbsp; the perfect table.

Our coordinator will be happy to advise you on catering issues from 10: 00-20: 00 any day of the week.

Contact person Nikolay, & nbsp; Tel: +380992013814

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