Every holiday spent with us is a work of art !!

The PartyBus & Limuzine company offers a completely new level of organization of a children's birthday party of any format, and most importantly, full support and assistance in resolving all issues! Your child's birthday is a special day, not only in the life of your beloved child, but also anxious moments for parents, because you want to organize everything in an original way (and you and I understand perfectly well that every year it becomes more difficult to surprise children), this, despite the fact that we are not used to saving on children, we would also like not to spend all the money on it! So let's take a look at a few options. Children's room, entertainment center, quest room, aqua park, restaurant with children's animation. As you can see, there are many options, but they have one drawback that unites them, and makes you spend a lot of nerves on your child's birthday, instead of relaxing and having fun with a glass of champagne with your close friends! This is the responsibility that you bear during transportation and the direct control of children at the location! Imagine, upset ?! Not necessary! Because we offer you an excellent option in order to save you from all problems, while at the same time for an acceptable amount of money, to organize for you, probably, the most unusual, versatile and most importantly, high-quality and safe holiday for your beloved child! Yes, we are capable of it! Common phrases, tell me? Let's take a closer look now. What is Partybus?


Why not make it unforgettable?

Partybus is a multimedia, entertainment, most importantly mobile (yes, we will come to you) complex on wheels! Birthday at Partybus is 3 people who will make your holiday (yes, you are not mistaken, we really consider your child's birthday and your holiday too) unforgettable. A driver with many years of driving experience, after a trip with whom, many of our clients are confident that the level of Ukrainian roads is much higher than it actually is. The presenter (aka DJ), who will not just hold a standard set of competitions, but will find out the interests of your child in advance, select (or come up with a new) set of competitions, arrange a real disco with a laser show, special effects and a smoke machine, as well as arrange karaoke and dance battles! Do you think this is not enough? Then we can offer more mobile quests, with a visit to many amazing locations of our capital, as well as the Kiev region, while you can choose both ready-made scripts, and there is the possibility of writing a script specifically for your child! A bartender who will free you from the need to make sure that your child and his guests are fed and watered (by the way, you can bring your own food and drinks, and not pay exorbitant prices), and will also have time to fill your glass with champagne, organizes a birthday cake, and by the end of the trip will be your child's best friend! Partybus offers many additional options: photographers, videographers, catering, various master classes, a bartender show, a chemical show, and more. Partybus is not an event agency, just because we do not like this word, Partybus is a family, a group of friends who understands that your child's birthday is the main day of the year, Partybus is a company whose motto is safety and quality, Partybus is a company that is used to giving and receiving positive emotions!

A memorable holiday

The best presenters of Kiev

Individual program




We will organize an unforgettable birthday for your child


Ready quests

Unlimited fun

We will make a professional program



We will compose a program according to your preferences

One of the most popular entertainments of recent years is the quest programs of various kinds! Now imagine that there is a company that will not only offer you several exciting programs to choose from, but also with great pleasure will develop an individual quest program based on your interests! A lot of fun, vivid impressions, positive emotions, incredible riddles, useful prizes! A team of talented screenwriters and professional presenters will easily, and most importantly, quickly and tastefully select, or make up individually for you, the most unforgettable quest in your life! Make your holiday special, let us make it unforgettable!

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